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Scale and strength
Founded in 2008, Lightway Company has grown into a world’s leading internationalized photovoltaic solar energy company with steady development. As an outstanding product manufacturer, professional plan solution provider and excellent facilitator for customers, it is specialized at development of solar energy project and distributed power stations. It has been successful in extending markets in China, America, Europe, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. Lightway has been forever dedicating to strategic development of new green energy in order to satisfy the ever-changing global demands for energy.

*Its headquarter is located in Hebei, China and its production base covers 240 acres.
*Its development distribution, project investment and business range covers China, America, Europe, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
*It has over 1300 staffs the world over.
*100% vertical integration production
* Output reaches 660 MW for 2016.

Social responsibility
Since its establishment in 2008, Lightway has been attempting to practice a company’s responsibility and commitment to social citizens. Our social responsibility is established based on joint value conceps and shoulder responsibility for solar energy course to influence social production. In the meantime, we also make the commitment that we would help and guide all people to boost social responsibility and deliver the solar energy power to the ever-changing world.