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Lightway are shortlisted the top ten companies in photovoltaic product reliability

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The "Top 10 Photovoltaic Products" sponsored by China Solar Photovoltaic Reliability Conference Organizing Committee, China Household Photovoltaic Standardization Alliance, and Photovoltaic Exchange Platform was successfully held at the Vienna International Hotel in Suzhou on July 20-21.

This activity included 8 awards for “Top 10 Solar Product Reliability Companies”, “Solar module Quality Enterprise”, “Top 10 PV Inverters” and “Top 10 support quality Enterprises”. Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the “Top Ten Reliability Companies in Photovoltaic Products”.

“Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. have strict management control for each step from raw materials – production process – final product inspection – finished products. All products have to go through three EL test procedures then it is allowed to leave the factory. It is closely cooperated with many well-known third-party laboratories and institutions. The photovoltaic products have many certifications such as TUV, CQC, CGC, BIS, PID, CEC, etc.” Liu Long, the sales director of China, said in his reply: “ Lightway have a complete lean production management system and has been continuously listed as the Tier 1 solar module manufacturerby Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This award is not only a recognition of the reliability of Lightway, but also a driving force for sustainable development.

About Lightway

Lightway is a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules with a 10-year history. Founded in 2008, it has a vertical production line from ingot, slice, battery printing and module packaging. With 10 years of professional knowledge and production experience, we are always keeping our technology updates and production line upgrades to meet the ever-increasing requirements of modules for developers and end users. Branch offices throughout China, Japan, Australia, India, and have many strong partners in these markets. These drive us to continue to provide high quality and reliable output solar modules for the world.For more information, please visit:

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