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Lightway Solar Showed in REI Expo, With Large-size Module—410Wp+

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Renewable Energy India Expo was held on 18th September, 2019 in New Delhi International Convention and Exhibition Center. REI is the largest international renewable energy exhibition in India and Southeast Asia, attracting numerous international photovoltaic enterprises.

At this Expo, Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  had exhibited diversified products such as large-size modules, double glass bifacial modules, mono-crystalline modules, poly-crystalline modules and half-cut modules, etc., which attracted a large number of customers to consult and make preliminary purchase intention with our company. Large-size modules have better conversion efficiency and higher power, greatly improving the utilization rate of sunlight and land, so as to enable customers to obtain greater energy benefits. Because of these advantages, large-size modules became the most popular items on display at the exhibition.

A Photo with Clients. Liu Tao, General Manager of International Sales of Lightway(first left); Zhang Jianle, Senior Sales Manager of Lightway (fifth left).

India has abundant solar irradiation, with a total of 250-300 sunny days throughout the year, which facilitates it to be one of the countries with great solar energy development potential in the world. Since coming into power, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, has actively promoted the development of PV industry, and he has promised, “ At least one light on every household” during his tenure. Sufficient light and policy support make India become the third largest PV installation demand region in the world.

A Cooperation Project, with ACME, A Large Project Developer in India. (Lightway supplies 44MW modules)

“Lightway Solar has been in the Indian market since 2016 and has supplied 150MW Modules, which making a positive contribution to the development of solar energy in India.” Liu Tao, general manager of international sales, said, “in June this year, our company signed the 1GW strategic cooperation agreement with ACME, which laid a solid foundation for our future overseas layout, especially the Indian market. The recognition and support of these strong partners is the driving force for the development and progress of Lightway. We have the confidence to provide customers with better products and more professional services.”

Over the years, in order to focus on the development of overseas markets, Lightway has successfully developed markets in China, India, Japan, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. From 3th  September to 5th September, Lightway Solar participated in Mexico International Green Energy Exhibition, 2019. At that exhibition, double glass bifacial modules, half-cut modules, mono- and poly- modules were exhibited, and double-sided double-glass module is favored by customers. Through continuous participation in overseas exhibitions, Lightway have greatly enlarged the publicity and influence of the Lightway’s brand and received more recognition and support from customers.

About Lightway

Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, which has the current annual production capacity of 1 GW and has a vertically integrated production line including ingot casting, wafer slicing, cell printing and module assembling. Lightway’ s main products include high-efficiency crystalline modules, half-cut crystalline modules, double-glass modules and other series. All products have gained international certifications such as TUV, BIS, CEC, JET, CQC, MCS, INMETRO, etc. Branches and strong partners throughout China, India, Japan, Europe and the United States force Lightway to master leading expertise and production experience all the time. Baoding Lightway is constantly pursuing technology and production line upgrades to meet energy needs of the changing world.

Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. continues to be listed as the first-tier solar module manufacturer (Tier1) of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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