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Lightway Solar Obtained FIDE Certificate

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Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Lightway) successfully obtained FIDE certification. It is a necessary certification for manufacturers to participate in the Mexican government's photovoltaic power project, which indicates that the product can save energy directly or indirectly. Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia (FIDE) is an organization established by the local Federal Electricity Commission with the government and civil society, in order to save electricity.

Mexico is located in the south of North America, northwest of Latin America, and is a hub for land transportation in North and South America. At present, in Mexico, renewable energy accounts for about 20% of Mexican energy structure, and it predicted that the ratio will increase to 30% in 2021, and the installed capacity of photovoltaics will reach 14.1 GW, second only to China, the United States, Japan, India, Germany and Australia.




“As an important transportation hub of the Belt and Road extension of the Americas, Mexico is one of the countries that each solar module manufacturer is vying to export. The acquisition of the Fide certification strengthened the determination of Lightway to actively support the Mexican government solar project, furthermore increased our competitiveness in Mexico market to a certain extent. Lightway has confidence to provide customers with high-quality products and more professional services” Henry Liu, general manager of international sales, said.

About Lightway

Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, which has the current annual production capacity of1.5GW. Lightway’s main products include high-efficiency crystalline modules, half-cell crystalline modules, double-glass modules and other series. All products have gained international certifications such as TUV, BIS, CEC, JET, CQC, MCS, INMETRO, FIDE, etc. Branches and strong partners throughout China, India, Japan, Europe and the United States force Lightway to master leading expertise and production experience all the time. Baoding Lightway is constantly pursuing technology and production line upgrades to meet energy requirements of the changing world. Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. continues to be listed as the Tire 1 solar module manufacturer of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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