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Lightway’s Module Passed the Mechanical Load Tests of 5400Pa and 3800Pa

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Lightway Solar’s module passed the mechanical load tests of 5400Pa on the front and 3800Pa on the back. The tests passed this time are far higher than the general level in PV industry, which simultaneously mean new breakthroughs in technical quality of modules have proved the reliability of Lightway’s product once again.


Photovoltaic modules need to undergo mechanical load test, the purpose of which is to test the module’s ability to withstand wind, snow, static pressure, and ice load. PV modules, as end products, are susceptible to extreme weather such as storm, icing, snow, etc. If the module’s mechanical load capacity is unqualified, it will cause quality problems such as module cracking, which will affect the module’s power generation efficiency and life.




Based on IEC PV module standard, the minimum mechanical load design requirement of the product is 1600Pa, considering the safety factor of 1.5 times, the actual test value is not less than 2400Pa to meet the requirements. However, companies usually take the terminal application environment of the module into account, and generally make strict design on the mechanical load of the front side, that is, the design load is 3600Pa(the actual test load is 3600Pa * 1.5 coefficient, which is 5400Pa), and the design load of back side remains at 1600Pa.



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Based on this, Lightway believes that modules will be used in various complex application environments such as deserts, mountains, and water surfaces, etc., and modules’ back side may also be able to withstand challenges such as greater wind loads under extreme conditions. In line with the original intention of quality first, Lightway has designed more reliable products, increasing the module minimum load design requirement of 1600Pa on the back to more than 2500Pa, and the actual test load is 3800Pa to meet the requirements of extreme application conditions.


The passing of these tests reflect the reliability of Lightway’s product, meanwhile, Lightway is confident to continue to provide partners with better products.


About Lightway



Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a professional solar module manufacture company, was established in 2008, which has the current annual production capacity of 1.5 GW. Branches and strong partners throughout China, India, Japan, Europe, Australia, etc. Lightway’s main products include high-efficiency poly and mono crystalline modules, half-cell modules, double-glass modules and other series. Products have gained international certificates such as TUV, CQC, BIS, CEC, JET, MCS, INMETRO, FIDE etc. Since establishment, Lightway is adhering to the "Quality Laid Foremost, Customer Regarded Supreme" concept, the company has been continuously listed as the first-tier solar module manufacturer (Tier 1)by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and has won multiple awards including the four-star supplier of CGN. Driven by the globalization strategy, Lightway Solar is constantly pursuing technology and production line upgrades to meet energy needs of the changing world.



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