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  • Name: 72 Small components160—190W
  • Product certification: it acquires such international certifications as ISO, IEC and CE, etc.
  • Sifting of materials: its strict sifting of battery pieces and raw materials helps ensure sound perf
  • Product test: its strict EL test guarantees internal quality of products and 25-year usage duration;
  • High-end device: its automatic welding devices ensures welding quality of battery pieces.
  • Product package: its single-piece package helps strict protection on transportation progress of goods;
  • Efficient junction box: it ensures valid output of power
  • Factory-leaving test: testing report before leaving the factory makes sure that products conform to nominal power;
  • Productquality guarantee: 5- year quality guarantee of materials; 25-year guarantee for power at no less than 80%.


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